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Maintenance & Operations

Maintenance and Operations supports three district sites and includes all custodian, groundskeeping, maintenance, and snow removal for the district.  

Facility Use Forms

School Dude

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School Dude - Staff Only
What is School Dude?
School Dude is a system that allows staff to send maintenance, custodial, or IT support requests and to coordinate the use of the schools’ facilities.  

How do I access School Dude?

As a staff member, you will access the system through “MySchoolBuilding” by clicking on the school dude icon. This link is also posted on the district and site web pages with the School Dude Icon. The first time logging into the system you will need to submit a site code (which you can get from the district office) and create an account which only takes a few moments.

How does School Dude work?

Once you create an account on School Dude, you can quickly submit job requests that are then routed to support staff that can quickly respond to your request.  The system allows support staff to respond and track all projects and requests that happen at each school site; which allows us to get work done faster.  Additionally, any updates to the projected are emailed to you so you are kept up-to-date on what the status is and when it is completed.  




M&O Staff 

Aaron Summerhays
Site Lead M&O - Pinewood 

Kevin Paxton
Custodian M&O - ET/Transportation/B&G

Jason Paquin
Site Lead M&O - Sierra Ridge 

David Echevarria

Custodian M&O - Sierra Ridge

Paul Paquin
Custodian M&O - Pinewood


Scott Bunce
District Lead Maintenance & Operations